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The ALL NEW Petstrap Indestructible bouncy ball!


Indestructible bouncy ball!

    • ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE: Indestructible dog ball, solid rubber dog ball,made of safe, non-toxic, high toughness natural rubber. Pet friendly and will not harm the gums. It can meet the dog's daily vigorous chewing needs and is very suitable for outdoor fetching games. 
    • TESTED BY AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: The dog balls for aggressive chewers have been tested by thousands of large dogs and the most aggressive chewers, such as German Shepherd, Pitbull, etc. And have received a lot of good test feedback. which is more durable and bite-resistant than most "durable dog toy balls". We believe it can meet the most severe chewing needs of pets. 
    • FLOATING ON WATER: A floating dog ball that can float on water. Due to its lightweight design and the application of natural rubber materials, you can play bouncy dog ball with your dog in a swimming pool or lake, not just on land. Don't worry that it will sink into the water so that your dog can't find it! 
    • FLEXIBILITY DESIGN: Bouncy ball for dogs; tennis size (2.7 inches); high elastic material makes it easy to throw and bounce higher and farther than standard tennis balls. It can better train the agility of pets and is the best choice for outdoor interactive games. 
    • QUALITY-SERVICE: This dog ball is made from 100% safe and durable natural rubber material. Vibrant colors, good elasticity, and durability. It can float in deeper water. Because of the interaction between the weight of the ball and the buoyancy of the water, shallow water may cause the ball to float less effectively. Please use it under supervision to ensure proper use of the product. If you have a quality problem, please contact us promptly for a replacement. Free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PetStrap?

PetStrap is a POV device holder mounted to the top of your pets head.

How does it work?

Once the device holder has been mounted to your pets head attach any device to the PetStrap as we use a universal clamp compatible with a action cameras, smart phone, flash light and etc

How much will it cost?

PetStrap will cost $59 US dollars plus shipping.

What countries are able to receive PetStrap

PetStrap will be available in North America only until further notice.

What size dog can wear a Petstrap?

PetStrap is compatible with medium to extra large size breed animals and dogs with a head and neck circumference of 17inches to 21 inches

What can I attach to the PetStrap?

PetStrap has a universal mount and a couple accessories that will allow you to mount your phone, flashlight and action camera seprately.

Does PetStrap come with a camera?

PetStrap does not come with a camera. 

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